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The Lottery Analytics Service Based on Artificial Intelligence

EpicUreka! is like the weather forecasting service but for lotteries.
Use our smart analytics to increase your odds slightly yet significantly!


What is EpicUreka! about?

What is EpicUreka

We are a small team of numerical lottery fans, and we trust that giving people more chances of lottery winnings is our way to make the world a better place. The idea has been reflected in our slogan - 'A better world with more fortunate people'.

EpicUreka! is an information service specifically designed to help lottery hobbyists to gain more satisfaction from playing lotteries. What we do is slightly yet significantly increase the probability of winning lotteries through employing the latest predictive techniques based on deep machine learning algorithms and neural networks.


Hi-Tech Behind the Service

Technology icon
Analysis of the database of previous draws.
Technology icon
Self-learning algorithm for predicting the next draw.
Technology icon
Statistical objectivity of predictions r=0.95.
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Betting profitability calculator.
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Combination rarity index calculator.

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How It Works

Get the draws and
forecasts statistics for free.
Calculate profitability
of your game with
our calculator.
Pick your favorite lottery among
those available (so far they
are 6x45 Stoloto and Euromillions),
then choose the subscription
term that suits you.
Once you subscribe to
the newsletter, you will start
receiving it in your inbox at
the beginning of each day, a
few hours before the coming draw.
Study the received forecast in the
form of a "temperature map" and recommended
combinations and decide how many and which
combinations should be put into the
game in order to maximize your
Place your bets with your
favorite lottery operator
(for example, theLotter, LottoAgent, etc.),
get results, analyze your game statistics,
draw conclusions and make adjustments
to your playing style.

What You Get

What You Get
Draw statistics in real time with data on draw times.
What You Get
A calculator for computing the Rarity Index of your combinations.
What You Get
A calculator for computing the profitability of your lottery game together with a generator of combinations.
What You Get
«Temperature map» of the nearest draw with the ability to see the propagation of probability waves of lottery numbers.
What You Get
8 specific number combinations that are most likely, from the machine's point of view, to appear in the next draw.
What You Get
The Rarity Index for each combination, allowing you to decide whether to replace the combination of numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EpicUreka! service?

EpicUreka! is an information service specifically designed to help lottery hobbyists to gain more satisfaction from playing lotteries. What we do is slightly yet significantly increase the probability of winning lotteries through employing the latest predictive techniques based on deep machine learning algorithms and neural networks. In fact, it is like the weather forecast but for lotteries. We are a small team of numerical lottery fans, and we trust that giving people more chances of lottery winnings is our way to make the world a better place. The idea has been reflected in our slogan - 'A better world with more fortunate people'.

The name of the service has been coined at the junction of the words 'epicurean' (getting pleasure from the simple things in life) and 'eureka!' (I have found the way!) to signify 'the means to help you find a pleasurable way of life'.

DISCLAIMER: We do not run gambling, organize, or conduct lotteries, nor we take any bets. All materials presented on the sites www.epicureka.com, www.epicureka.eu and our YouTube channel have informational character, and our services are purely consultative. Please, before using the service refer to our User Agreement.

How does EpicUreka! work?

If you are on this site, you have probably wondered more than once whether it is possible to predict the results of the next draw of a particular lottery based on previous draws. Quite often you can come across the opinion that this is impossible since the draws are independent of each other and the previous results cannot influence the subsequent ones in any way.

Indeed, if one thinks in this way, then the prediction of lotteries becomes meaningless. However, imagine this situation: you pour some metal filings on a sheet of paper, under which there is a magnet, and you see how all the particles of metal are arranged and form a fairly clear pattern on the sheet. Is it possible in this case to say that metal particles influence each other, and as a result, a pattern appears? Probably not. But can we say that all these particles reflect some third force that places them in a certain order? Of course, yes. And, most importantly, in order to understand the logic and symmetry of such a pattern, it is not at all important for us to know what kind of force it is that orders metal particles - it is enough just to analyze the picture itself. And when we begin to understand how the pattern works, then we can draw (predict) one part of it based on another.

Using this analogy, we want to say that the results of each lottery represent a numerical system that lives by its own laws, and which can be visually represented in the form of a certain pattern with its own internal logic. What is this third force that defines this logic, we do not know, and it is not important for us to know this for our purposes. The main thing is that special machine learning algorithms make it possible to recognize patterns in such a "pattern" and complete the still invisible part of the pattern based on the already visible one, i.e. make a prediction of how this number pattern will change in the near future.

As a result of analyzing more than 475,000 draws of archives of various lotteries (La Primitiva, EuroMillions, Powerball and others) using deep machine learning tools, we have created a unique algorithm that allows EpicUreka! predict the upcoming lottery draw with a correlation between real and predicted results up to r = 0.95 with a reliability of p< 0.05.

How to start using EpicUreka! service? And is there an option to try it for free?

You can start using some of the tools of the service as soon as you enter the site, without the need for registration and completely free. These tools include the following:

  • Archive of Draws which is presented in a tabular form with all the necessary statistics on lotteries in a convenient form for creating automatic web requests, for example, from Excel, which can be valuable for those of you who develop your own forecasting systems and therefore need constantly updating their statistics, as it is often difficult to do this directly from the lottery site.
  • Combination Rarity Index Calculator which allows you to evaluate the combination of numbers that you plan to bet, in terms of how likely it is from the point of view of the number system of a given lottery. The calculator evaluates the entered combination of numbers on a 10-point system, where 0 means "extremely likely" and 10 means "extremely unlikely." So, for example, the combination 1-2-3-4-5 in EuroMillions will receive a rating close to "extremely improbable", so it is better to change this combination to some more probable one.
  • Profitability Calculator (or ROI) which allows you to calculate the probable profit from playing a particular lottery depending on the size of the bet and the duration of the game in the number of draws (recommended at least 50-70 draws) based on EpicUreka! forecasts.
  • Combination Generator with the help of which, in a few seconds, you can convert a set of numbers that you have chosen as the most probable ones into specific number combinations, ready to be put into the game.

If you want to start receiving draw predictions, then you need to select the subscription option and register in the system, indicating your phone number, to which you will receive a confirmation code, and an e-mail, to which you subscribe and want to receive newsletters with lottery predictions.

In order to independently evaluate the quality of forecasts of the service, you can choose a trial subscription option, in which you receive full-fledged forecasts for 1 lottery for 1 month for free.

How can I purchase a subscription? And what do I get as a result?

You can order a forecast for 1 specific lottery draw (if ordered before 22.00 the day before). You can also immediately select the desired subscription option for 10, 20 or 30 days, where the cost of a forecast for 1 draw will be, respectively, 10%, 20% and 30% cheaper than when ordering a separate forecast. Alternatively, you can order a free trial subscription for 1 month to evaluate the quality of the service and then subscribe to a paid subscription.

By subscribing, you will begin to receive an e-mail newsletter, which will contain the following:

  • 8 Basic Number Combinations that are most likely to appear in the next draw, from the machine's point of view.
  • The Temperature Map which resembles a weather forecast map with the designation of more "hot" or "colder" zones with the difference that here the concept of temperature is arbitrary and denotes the concentration of "probability waves" around certain numbers. This tool, in its essence, well complements the first - 8 basic combinations, as it allows you to improvise and create your own combinations based on the 8 basic ones sent by the service.
  • The Rarity Index for each of the 8 basic combinations, which will be immediately calculated, and will allow you to take it into account when deciding whether to place this numerical combination or to modify it before betting.
Can I get a refund if I paid for the subscription but changed my mind?

According to our User Agreement, we do not reimburse users for expenses that they could theoretically incur as a result of intentional or unintentional use of the site and its services (see section 5). To make an informed decision whether you are interested in using EpicUreka! service, please use a free trial subscription option.

How to strategize your game with EpicUreka! forecasts?

The strategy for playing the lottery is primarily determined by two factors: the type of bet you make and the estimated length of the game, measured in draws, in which you are willing to invest. Using the analogy with fishing, for example, we can say that the first factor is in what area of the reservoir you are ready to feed the fish, and the second one is how long you are willing to wait for the big fish to bite.

So, let us consider the first factor - the type of bet. In our system of terms, the lottery bet is of 2 main types: basic and extended. The basic bet (on the example of the EuroMillions lottery formula which is 5x50) consists of individual independent combinations of 5 numbers, each of which can be denoted by the ABCDE formula. The extended bet includes an extension of the basic bet within the +-1 range, i.e. A+-1 / B+-1 / C+-1 / D+-1 / E+-1. In other words, it consists of many combinations based on the base bet, the specific number of which depends on how many numbers in the individual combination ABCDE have undergone expansion: the minimum size of the extended bet will be 2 combinations, and the maximum - 243, which is more suitable for a syndicated games (for more detailed information, please, download the FAQ as one file below).

Why is this important to understand? The fact is that, according to our calculations, the chances of winning strongly depend on the type of bet. So, for example, if you make only the basic bet based on the combinations sent to you by subscription, then your chances of guessing 2 numbers are 8.286%, 3 numbers – 1.389%, 4 numbers - 0.126%, 5 numbers - 0 , 00262%, and this percentage does not change significantly depending on the number of independent combinations in the basic bet. But if you start to expand the individual combination of the base bet for at least one of the ABCDE numbers by +1 or -1 and already get 2 connected combinations, then your chances of guessing 2 numbers already grow to 10.919%, 3 numbers - to 1.693%, 4 numbers - up to 0.196%, and 5 numbers - up to 0.00477%. If you make an extended bet, for example, out of 9 connected combinations, then you will guess 2 numbers already in 21.037% of cases, 3 numbers - in 4.655%, 4 - in 0.577%, and 5 - in 0.014%.

By the way, if you place a bet in EuroMillions randomly, i.e. without using EpicUreka! forecasts, the probability of guessing will be the following: 2 numbers – 6.667%, 3 numbers – 0.467%, 4 numbers - 0.011%, 5 numbers - 0.000457%. As they say, feel the difference.

IMPORTANT: Please, note that we give you the probabilities of the Main numbers only without taking into account the 2 Lucky numbers which are more difficult to predict at the moment (but we are working on it too).

Now let us consider another factor - the estimated length of the game. It is important for the reason that a lottery is yet a chain of probabilistic events, the chance of the occurrence of which is better to predict within a certain time period, for example, as we described above, in the percentage of occurrences. The maximum distance at which we studied the statistics of predictions was 1000 draws, but experimentally we found that the percentage of guessing numbers in EpicUreka! forecasts, as we gave it above, becomes stable at about a segment of the game of 50-70 draws, and then practically does not change. That is why we recommend choosing the minimum game duration in the profit calculator, equal to 50-70 draws or even more.

Perhaps you think that there are too many numbers in this section and they look complicated, but do not be afraid, because you do not need to remember them all, you just need to open the profitability calculator on our website – www.epicureka.eu - and it will calculate everything for you automatically!

What lotteries and how often does EpicUreka! make forecasts for?

So far, our service operates in a startup mode, therefore, in this pilot mode, forecasts for only one lottery - EuroMillions - will be available for ordering on the site. Accordingly, all calculators and subscriptions are also configured only for this lottery. As a result of any subscription option, you will receive a newsletter with forecasts to the registered e-mail at least a few hours before the coming draw. In case of the EuroMillions lottery, the draws are held at 20.45 CET every Tuesday and Friday, therefore, after subscribing, you will start receiving emails with forecasts for the next draw no later than 18.00 CET every Tuesday and Friday, so that you have time to decide on the bets. If the draw is due tomorrow, and you want to buy the forecast for it urgently, you will have to pay the order no later than 22.00 CET today.

We will work in this mode for some time until we have adjusted all the functions of the service to an ideal state. In parallel, our team is working on launching forecasts for other lotteries. Most likely, we will expand the service with forecasts for other lotteries in the following order: EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, MEGA Millions, Powerball, La Primitiva. Also, we have launched a separate site – www.epicureka.com – for a Russian lottery called 6x45 Stoloto. If you would like to receive predictions for any other lotteries, please let us know through this short questionnaire in English https://forms.gle/BJG2uCF2t9XE3oct6, which helps us track your opinion on a number of important issues.

We promise to immediately inform you both via e-mail and our YouTube channel about all new features that will appear in the EpicUreka! service so that you can familiarize yourself with them and start using them.

How do I pay for a subscription? How safe is it to pay by card?

The payment processes are equipped with Payeer service which means that, at your first purchase, you will be offered to create your account in the system so that you could keep it for further purchases with us. Your bank card details are protected and processed according to the PCI DSS security standard. Information is transferred to the payment gateway using SSL encryption technology. EpicUreka! does not store your bank card details..

Profitability Calculator

Select ONE basic combination ABCDE from the 8 options sent to you in your subscription and enter the numbers in the "Basic combination" line below. After that, using the "Temperature Map", based on your intuition, determine which of the numbers of the basic combination should be expanded by -1 or +1, or by both values ​​at the same time. Thus, you form an extended set of numbers for your bet based on the basic combination. We recommend that the variations of each of the 5 numbers A, B, C, D, E in your final bet do not exceed 3 options. Click the Calculate button and then the Combination Generator button to get a list of them.
(number 1)
(number 2)
(number 3)
(number 4)
(number 5)
Basic Combination -1
Basic Combination >
Basic Combination +1
Answer 3 simple questions and write your answers in the appropriate boxes on the right.

1. How many draws do you plan to play in this way? (it is recommended to calculate profit on a segment of at least 50-70 draws

2. What is the current cost of 1 EuroMillions ticket?

3. What is the size of the prize money for this lottery for matching 2, 3, 4 and 5 numbers?

Planned duration of the game in draws
The cost of 1 ticket
Prize for 2 numbers
Prize for 3 numbers
Prize for 4 numbers
Prize for 5 numbers
The total number of combinations in such a bet
Total costs for (0) draws:
Total prize money for (0) draws:
Count of guessed numbers for (0) draws:
0 PCS.
0 PCS.
0 PCS.
0 PCS.
*Total Profit Based on (0) draws:
0 %
*The actual amount of prize money and profits will depend on the actual amount of money in the draw during the indicated number of draws, which, of course, cannot be predicted.
Rarity Index Calculator for EuroMillions
(number 1)
(number 2)
(number 3)
(number 4)
(number 5)
Enter numbers in the ascending order
Rarity Index
(min - 0, max - 10)

Subscription Plans

Euromillions - Buy 1 ticket, get 1 FREE!
Forecast for ONE draw
The next coming draw
If you want an urgent forecast tomorrow, buy no later than 22.00 CET today
Forecasts for 10 draws
1 forecast for 2,7 EUR
EuroMillion forecasts subscription for over 1 month with a 10% discount
Forecasts for 20 draws
1 forecast for 2,4 EUR
EuroMillion forecasts subscription for over 2 months with a 20% discount
Forecasts for 30 draws
1 forecast for 2,1 EUR
EuroMillion forecasts subscription for over 3 months with a 30% discount

The payment procedure is geared with payment services and
At your first purchase, you will be offered to create an account for further use.

USER AGREEMENT (Terms of Service) for EpicUreka!


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